Rugs Or Carpets – What To Choose?

One of the most essential aspects of having a clean home is the air quality you breathe. Keeping your home clean is key to the health of your family. If you are planning to place a carpet, it is important where you are going to put it and other factors. Also, the important question is whether you should go for a rug or a carpet.


Rugs, including area rugs, cover large sections of your floor and are usually made of woven materials that do not spread over the entire floor space. While rugs are not attached to the floor, carpets, on the other hand, are for wall-to-wall floor covering made of thick woven fabric that spreads over the full floor space and is stuck to the floor with glue or tacking strips.

As you are trying to decide what choice you should go for, you should be aware of what designer rugs Singapore and carpets actually are. Here is a list of some essential things you should know which will help you decide.

You cannot deny the beauty of a rug or the cosiness of a thick fluffy area rug. Rugs have the ability to meld with any part of the home and blend into any rearrangement. Further, you can also pick them up and take them with you if you are moving.

Rugs are some of the most commonly used and conventional ways to cover floors. People have been using them for centuries and can be great pieces of art that will add elegance that carpets cannot have. Some of the benefits of rugs are: 

Helps to define a space

Easily washed and dried when dirty

  • A better choice for people who have dust allergies because rugs are easily cleaned. Polypropylene or washable area
  • rugs are the best choices for such people.
  • Ability to easily switch the colour scheme and style of a room
  • A well-placed area rug can impart structure to an open concept floor plan or link disparate furnishings
  • Prevents mould growth by their ability to allow airflow underneath the fibres
  • Floor rugs let you experience the best of both worlds—neatly finished hardwood flooring, along with the cosy feel of soft
  • fibres when you are standing on the rugs. Area rugs that are placed over hardwood floors should have a pad placed below them to help protect the wood and also to keep the rug from moving away.


Wall-to-wall carpeting has been a floor covering of choice for decades now. However, in recent years, hardwood flooring has resurfaced and called into question whether or not carpets will continue to be the form of floor covering anymore, but it continues to remain very popular for its ability to provide a comfortable and warm home done with Europian furniture. Wall to wall carpeting is one of the most commonly preferred ways to keep a home cosy.

Carpeting Has Many Benefits, And Some of Them Are:

Carpeting is secured to the floor with cement, glue, or tacking, and also underlaid with cushion padding to add to the softness. Due to this, they are resistant to slip and trip, which make them a better choice in the homes, particularly, of the elderly.

  • Carpeting can create unity throughout the colour scheme and design of the home. This can be very useful in homes with multiple small rooms. Carpeting is usually found in neutral colours, letting a wide range of colour schemes to be used along with it. Wall to wall carpeting keeps the floor fully covered. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your baby crawling on the hardwood floors.

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