A peek inside the art gallery home of Amrita Sher-Gil and Akbar Padamsee

At present, the internet and social media are sweeping all the avenues of experiencing art in person and is focused just on viewing art on computer screens, tablets, and phones. Some may find this means of viewing art quite interesting as it allows them to have a glimpse of all the artworks sitting in the comfort of their home.

But art is something that must be experienced in person so that you can feel it through your senses. The colors, the textures, the scales, and the intricacies can only be experienced through the naked eyes. Moreover, visiting art galleries in person can reinforce the sense of connection with the people from the same interest field. The Moolagundam Art Gallery has some amazing masterpieces and antiques from various renowned Indian artists.

Amrita Sher-Gil

Amrita Sher-Gil was a prominent Hungarian-Indian painter often referred to as ”India’s Frida Kahlo”. Amrita was a travel enthusiast and had traveled throughout her life to various countries like Turkey, France, and India. This is also one of the ways where she derived her inspiration towards art from.

She started painting at a very tender age and her way exposure to various countries led her to expose her to different forms and genre of arts. Generally, Amrita’s paintings depicted an influence of western modes of painting. While she stayed in India, the only artistic mission she had was to express the life of Indian people through her canvas.

This also marked a new phase in her artistic plot that was completely different from her previous phases and showcased the work of Hungarian painters.  Amrita’s paintings are also considered one of the most expensive paintings done by any Indian women painters.

Akbar Padamsee

Akbar Padamsee is an avant-garde Indian artist who is considered to be one of the originators of Indian Modern Art, with an equal degree of acknowledgment as to Raza, M.F.Hussain or Souza. Coming to his studies, he completed his diploma in Fine Arts from J.J School of Art, Mumbai. In his total career span, he worked across various forms and mediums like oil and water-colors, sculptures, printmaking, lithography, etc.

Akbar Padamsee is quite famous for his “Mirror Images” which he paints on various subjects like nudes, heads, landscapes, etc simply using a pencil or charcoal. He has been bestowed with various prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan, the Kalidasa Samman from the Madhya Pradesh Government in Plastic Arts, Kala Ratna by Lalit Kala Academy, and many others.

Many solo exhibitions were also organized by Akbar Padamsee like Montreal, Paris, London, etc, even his works have been auctioned by Christies and Sotheby’s innumerable times.

The works of these famous artists are housed in Moolagundam Art Gallery, Hyderabad where you can revive your senses by giving them the platter of unconditioned artworks and works of literature.

The long term vision of this art gallery is to promote, preserve or nurture the Indian art cultures and forms. If you are an art enthusiast then Moolagundam Art Gallery is simply for you.

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