How To Apply Student Visa For New Zealand?

New Zealand is a young country where freedom, initiative, and resourcefulness are more highly valued than status or rules. As a student here will be encouraged to be questioning, flexible and to ask your answers by thinking for yourself.

The New Zealand Government gives an opportunity to all Indian students to study in the country, but as a prerequisite, you will have to receive a student visa first. The visa you require that depend on the type of study you want to pursue, and how long you plan to stay in New Zealand.

If you want to know for sure whether the Proficient Migrant Category might be the direct pathway to New Zealand citizenship you can search online to know. If you are planning for New Zealand to study for more than three months, you need to apply for a student visa. A student visa enables you to study full-time in New Zealand for a limited period.

A Student Visa May Have Requirements You Must Meet – For Example, it may include:

  • The name of the program you are allowed to study
  • The name of the educational provider
  • The New Zealand location of the provider, and
  • The requirement to hold acceptable insurance

Student Visas are issued to applicants whose primary purpose of visit to the country is the pursuit of education. Needless to say, while getting admission in the university is notably important, these legal documents stand in the way of all your pursuits.

Immigration Laws rule every country. These could vary in terms of the terms of documents to the different proof of funds acceptable to what all the visas would let you do apart from studying in the country. Also, some broad commonalities are evident in all student visa applications.

Documents Required To Apply Visa Are:

  • Valid passport – Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond your period of a visit to New Zealand.
  • Completed Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012).
  • Application fee payment receipt, as you are needed to pay 295 NZD + Rs. 690 (approximately) before your conversation.
  • A proposal of a place – You need to have an offer of a place from a New Zealand institute/university. The forms are usually distributed after the tuition fees have been received.
  • Letter from your current institution verifying status as a study abroad student
  • Health insurance receipt.
  • They also ask you to show Health and Character certificates, to prove that your intention of staying in New Zealand is genuine.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.


Additional documentation may be needed when you attend a personal interview . During the personal interview, additional documents may be asked by the interviewer. These may be documents to prove proof of academic or financial status. Here you can know what they ask you in a personal interview.

  • Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates from schools you attended
  • Scores from tests that your college needed, such as TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT
  • How you will pay for all educational, living and travel costs.

Student Visa Classification Based on Program’s Duration:

Depending on the length or defense of the program the applicant is planning to undertake, the countries often divide the student visa into Short Term Student Visas or Long-term Student Visas.

The short-term visas are provided to students who prepare to take a short course of a language or a diploma certificate course, and the complete duration is often limited to 90 days (3 months). Long term visas are provided to students who are planning to take up degree courses continuing beyond the three months.

These could include internships and small certificate programs of 6 months and so on. New Zealand Union Countries often have this broad classification. There are Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi they help you to get a visa as soon as possible.

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