Important Places To Cover In London And Scotland

Although there are only innumerable things to do and places to visit in any city, one can only manage to cover the major tourist attractions in their tight schedule and fit in as many activities as possible. Since the time is limited, here is a list of few must-visit places in London as well as Scotland for a first-time visitor.

The London Eye

Situated opposite the Houses of Parliament, the Coca-Cola London Eye is a world famous tourist attraction in London. Structured right on the banks of the River Thames, the 135 meters high wheel rotates a full 360 degree.

The wheel again as 32 capsules and rotates for about a minute giving the tourists a spectacular view of the city. After the view from the London Eye, you could also take a boat ride along the River Thames and enjoy the British architecture along with some of the famous ones such as Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Bridge, and more.

The London Bridge

London Bridge, till date remains to be one of the greatest architectural structures of the world. The bridge was constructed around 130 years ago and opens up from the middle to let the ships pass through.

Built on either side of the bridge are its towers and the Exhibition that connects both the towers. The exhibition, located above 137 feet from the ground level, showcases the construction and history of the Bridge.

Further, the glass window enables tourists to see a mindblowing view of the city through it. Book the Tour Packages to London from Dubai and get amazing discounts and tour guides.

Buckingham Palace

The royal residence of the Queen is open for tours, except for the Queen’s private quarters, to the general public. Take the tour and explore the palace with a guided tour and see the royal life. The tour gives you access to 19 State Rooms where the Royal family hosts guests for ceremonial, state, and official affairs and events. Apart from the tours, the Palace also gives the public to see the guard march that takes place regularly.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the oldest castles in Scotland, Edinburgh Castle played a major role in its history. The castle was both homes to King Malcolm Canmore and a robust military stronghold. With its last military activity in the year 1745, the castle has served as the British army’s main base until the year 1920. And today, the castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions with its scenic beauty.


The Shetland Isles is an archipelago that is made up of over 100 islands with 15 of them inhabited. These islands are home to beautiful landscapes, history, and adventurous activities. Go to the edge of the world by climbing through the towering clifftops and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful breeze and view of the sea. Book Holidays to Scotland from Dubai.

Northern Lights

Nature’s wonders, the Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealis are well known for their performance due to the natural phenomenon. As North Scotland lies at the same latitude as Nunivak in Alaska and Stavanger in Norway, there is a pretty good chance of spotting the Mirrie Dancers.

The best time of the year to see Northern Lights are during autumn and winter. The phenomenon only appears when the nights are dark, and the sky is clear without any clouds. Additionally, there should be minimum light pollution and increased solar activity. Sometimes, waiting until the early morning hours may also help you spot Aurora Borealis.

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